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It's the cover of Tremors.

Every now and then you have those weeks where you examine every little bit of yourself and find the places where you're lacking. That was my week, and it's only Monday. Fortunately Louisville claimed the #1 overall Seed for the NCAA Tournament, so I can't doubt my faith in a college sports team yet.

I'm beginning to become dissatisfied with my position at work, I want for a challenge and I know I'm certified for a greater level of responsibility. Also I'm beginning to suspect I developed tardive dyskinesia somewhere along the road, which ironically might improve my typing skills but overall makes me afraid that I come off as a twitchy spaz as opposed to the professional go-getter I try to resemble. Fortunately I found someone who loves me for all my glitches.

Anyhow, I haven't had that feeling for a while, but every now and then it feels like the ground is moving a little under my feet. I look down and think "Oh no, I forgot the world was crumbling around me. Now it's too late to prepare, too late to protect myself and my love, I wasted my edge, distracted by the small stuff." Then that creature eats the ground and it's all over, there's no hope when you're falling into jaws that big.

Oh, and then I remember that Johnny Depp made it out alive.

Going to go see these gentlemen sometime soon, I have more formulated but tonight isn't the night for that.


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