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Said Dynamite (II)
So a quick follow up to that, my thoughts got a little muddled towards the end there, I had taken a benadryl and that stuff knocks me out like a flippin' child.

The point that I was trying to point at last night was that the renaming of the feed here was mainly to refocus or rebrand this project. I know I can wander quite a bit topic wise, but the initial point of all of this was political commentary. That's what gets my juices flowing, and is one of the few things anymore I feel is important enough to write about. Someone does have to write about it, otherwise our progeny might never know what a disaster 21st century American politics were.

Also, just to mock myself for just a moment, the real reason behind starting this blog in the first place was to experiment with a webisode style fiction project. Inspired by this but I actually can't even find the story I was reading at the time that inspired that crazy idea. I was reading it at work and I thought, "that's pretty cool I could do that." So then I tried to prove that and I think I had a total of like 3 or 4 submissions.

Just checked, 3 submissions total. It's still there if you ever want to wade through a sea of BS to see my original posts. 9/15/08, this blog is the longest on-again off-again relationship I've ever had. I did rebrand once before when I realized that I was never going to do webisodes and my only real ability was snarky commentary on current events.


That's John Stewart by the way.....and yes, that was the whole joke.

There was another webisode idea I had too, that one just died completely (I actually did finish Asylum that first project, but now it just sits around on my hard drive with a sad face). I used to have quite the feel for fiction but it's drifted away from me. Life has grown up around me and all the childish innocence that had me believe that pounding on a keyboard in adrenaline fueled binges would magically make money appear...that innocence is dead. I shot it in the head with my finger pistol and then I put on my fancy pants and tried to take my actual job seriously.

Which is neither here nor there.

Here is the bizarre reality that I live in here in 2013. I have come to the conclusion that no fantasy world I could concoct in my head could ever be as twisted as the world I live in. Begging for a sick burn, and that's really what it's about anyway. I am after all a victim of my culture. What makes sense to me is an ADHD barrage of social criticism that if you read it would just absolutely FORCE you to go out and vote Libertarian in 2016.

Or maybe I'll rebrand again next year, who the f*&^ knows.

Meanwhile how about some tunes? I'm really digging Queen lately so how about a song from a simpler time.


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